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Sweet success for American candy maker Kimberly Bell.

What a great feature on Stuff:

Entrepreneur's candy company a 'silver lining' after husband's redundancy

Sweet success for American candy maker Kimberly Bell.

A rogue thermometer lying discarded in Kimberly Bell’s cutlery drawer was the final push to convince the Christchurch candy-maker to try her hand at making sweet treats full-time.

Bell, 49, said her mother had always tried to persuade her to pursue her love of cooking as a career, but the former real estate agent had always “found an excuse” not to.

When her mother died unexpectedly in 2017, American expat Bell started making lollies as a way to replace the care packages she used to receive from home.

After re-discovering the speciality candy-testing thermometer in her kitchen — a unopened gift from her mother years ago — she started work on her crunchy caramel and nut brittle company, Kimbella’s Candy. The business launched in March last year.

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